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Paladin \ˈpa-lə-dən\

Etymology: Middle French, from Italian paladino, from Old French palatin, from Medieval Latin palatinus courtier, from Late Latin, imperial official — more at palatine

Meaning: a leading champion of a cause

Date: 1592

Championing Technology and Games in the 21st Century

Quite simply, Paladin Tech & Game is your neighborhood champion for tech supplies and games.

We specialize in carrying what our neighborhood residents want in both arenas. Think of us as the antithesis of the "super store" that carries everything under the sun -- 99% of which YOU will never use.

We stock an assortment of tech supplies and games that we think you will like, and are always looking for recommendations and requests from our clients!


Paladin Enterprises was founded in 2006 by owner and entrepreneur Kingsley Montgomery to provide inexpensive but reliable printer supply alternatives to Orange County Public Schools. Our ISO-9000 qualified remanufactured printer cartridges were a hit, quickly earning a reputation for superior reliability, with the personal and local service to match.

Paladin Enterprises expanded into the corporate sector and Seminole County Schools in 2007, offering a wide range of OEM and remanufactured tech items for home and office.

In 2008, Paladin Enterprises became Paladin Tech & Game, LLC, as we expanded into the game and comic retail business. To usher in the new business, the first Paladin Tech & Game retail store broke ground in Avalon Park Downtown in August 2008, with Grand Opening in late November.

The goal of the retail store is to serve as a focus for gaming in the Waterford-Avalon region, while also providing quick access to tech supplies commonly used in homes and offices. And what we don't stock, we can quickly special order, often with delivery direct to the customer and within 1-3 days. Paladin retail stores also offer in-home (or, in-business) computer services, such as network setup, computer diagnostics and repair, and computer upgrading.