Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DnD Encounters - Against the Cult of Chaos - Week 0

Greetings Dungeoneers,

     This season has some throwbacks to some older adventures: The Keep on the Borderlands, Village of Hommlet, and Against the Cult of the Reptile God, and a little bit of the Rod of Seven Parts. As such, some elements may be similar to classic players of DnD. For the newer players, it's important to know that this adventure is far more open-ended in how you explore things. No more tracks on where to go, it's up to you to decide what you do.
     The last important thing to know is that we will be playing with the beta rules for DnDNext. The rules for DnDNext are similar enough to previous editions of DnD that no one should have too much trouble picking it up. It's less cookie-cutter than 4th, and more balanced than 3.5.
     Sign-up for the event HERE. We'll be starting Sunday (2013.02.10) at 1300.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Warriors of Chaos

For Warhammer Fantasy Miniatures

New Army Book, figs, new rules to rid the world of the pesky Empire and their allies. Storm forth from the Frozen Chaos Wastes and lay claim to the fertile lands to the south!

Pre-order now at Paladin by Tuesday, and get it on the Release Day (Saturday, 2/2)! Paladin offers all GW products at a discount.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Gatecrash Pre-release

Gatecrash Pre-release this Saturday! Join us at Paladin for another sealed tournament and get Gatecrash cards before they are released. Sign up online via the Calendar to save $ and reserve your spot. Don't forget to pre-order Gatecrash supplies and cards, as we anticipate low remaining stock during the release week.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

DnD Encounters - War of Everlasting Darkness - Week 7

Greetings Dungeoneers,

     We will finish this season of Encounters on Sunday, and finally see if all of our trials have made us strong enough to stop the Darkening. It will have the most difficult fight of the season, and not everyone is expected to survive so we need as many people as possible for the final act.

     I'm trying a couple new things with this edition and hopefully they will make things easier to follow. Namely I am adding a cast section and a summary.

  • +Unika Cole as Khia-le the Monk/Halfling
  • +Sean Hale as Rock the Psion/Shardmind
  • NewGuy as a Cleric/Deva [he never filled out the sign up sheet]
     Our adventurers saved the Blingdenstone harbor from some ice demons, talked with a Dragon Turtle, and helped a bladesmith finish his greatest work. They also learned where the source of the Darkening resides.

     And now for a full recap of this week's adventure Shores of the Darklake.

Monday, January 7, 2013

DnD Encounters - War of Everlasting Darkness - Week 6

Greetings Dungeoneers,

     We spoke a bit more about what characters players would prefer for the custom time travel adventure, and I revealed that the characters would be around level 15-16, putting us on to the Paragon Tier. And I also found out that the next season of Encounters would start on 2013.02.10 for us.

     For the first time in a while, we didn't have any new adventurers join us. This started the adventure with a bit of a problem as we didn't have many characters capable of setting trolls on fire, but we worked our way through the session without too many problems.

     This week had our characters helping to fortify the town of Nesmé in preparation for a large troll army. A lot of work was spent dealing with NPCs and rebuilding damaged defenses.

     And now for a recap of this week's adventure Trolls of the Evermoors.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DnD Encounters - War of Everlasting Darkness - Week 5

Greetings Dungeoneers,

     Continuing our trend to make up for lost time, we did a double session (especially since the second one was rather short). I revealed a little bit more about the time-travel adventure and we'll be hunting down a cleric of a time god that has decided to muck up the timeline. Expect a lot of four-dimensional puzzles.

     We met four new adventurers this week:
  • Sean, a Dwarf Cleric using the Devoted build which finally gave our party a dedicated healer and some much needed radiant damage as we moved closer to ending Lolth's Darkening.
  • Logan (Sean's son), made a Human Fighter on the Great Weapon build and he gave some of the most damaging attacks we saw in these sessions.
  • Unika made a Halfling Monk using the Stone fist build. Her character darted in and out of combat, dazing many foes with her quick hands and feet.
  • SeanPrime made a Shardmind Psion using some custom options from Psionic Powers and showed our party just how damaging a Psion can be by using telepathy and telekinesis to deadly effect.
     And now for a recap of this week's adventure where we run both Descent into the Depths and Spirits of the Fell Pass:

DnD Encounters - War of Everlasting Darkness - Week 4

Greetings Dungeoneers,

     This was a make up session on Friday (2012.12.28), as we all got back together from the various Yuletide events we scattered for. We met three new players Shane (Shifter Druid named Shifty Pickles), Ben (Dwarf Paladin/Fighter?) and Alex (Eladrin Wizard) who helped fill in for some missing players.

     We discussed an adventure that I am making to fill in the gap between Encounter seasons and it was revealed to involve time-travel mechanics that I'm working on. More information about this will be revealed in the coming weeks.

   And now for a recap of this week's adventure, the Siege of Mithral Hall: