Sunday, December 23, 2012

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Saturday, December 15, 2012


Saturday 12/22/12

Fight for the Empire. Fight for the Rebellion. Top 6 places in this tournament will come out winners, with the grand prize being the new MILENNIUM FALCON model, not due to publically release until February. Other prizes include preview models of Slave I, A-Wings, and TIE Interceptors. 12 registrants so far. We will only accept up to 14. Entry fee: $10. 
More details here (though our tournament date is different!):
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Season is upon us! 
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DnD Encounters - War of Everlasting Darkness - Week 3

Greetings Dungeoneers,

     Like last week, we had three new players (Justin, Myron, and Jeremy) join the adventuring party. Justin rolled a Dwarf Artificer, Myron an Elf Ranger, and Jeremy a[nother] Dragonborn Warlord.

   This week, we'll be continuing our adventure on Friday (2012.12.14) at the regular time of 1300-1500, with the following week moved to TBA date and time, and returning to the regular schedule after that.

   And now for a recap of this week's adventure:

Monday, December 3, 2012

DnD Encounters - War of Everlasting Darkness - Week 2

Greetings Dungeoneers,

     This week we had three new players (Justin, Shawn, and Josh) [don't forget to sign-up on the calendar so I can get you updates] join in and complete the first session of War of Everlasting Darkness. Justin rolled a Dragonborn Sorceror, Shawn a Human Fighter, and Josh a Tiefling Warlock. Their might combined to see their way through quite an adventure.

    We are moving the adventuring time to Sundays (1300-1500) from now on to better fit the schedules of the players and the store. And we'll be playing straight through until the start up of the next season, Against the Cult of Chaos. For which I'll have some documentation on the new character creation and rules used in DnDNext for us all to play with.

   And now for a recap of this week's adventure: