Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Star Wars

Finally...X-Wing Wave 2 ships are in! We also have some cool SW-themed game play mats (taking orders on those, come take a look), the X-Wing League Play Kit (league coming soon), and Star Wars RPG play kit.

Get ready for the tournament on March 23 - remember to sign up on our online Calendar.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Star Wars X-Wing and Living Card Game game night league kits are incoming next week! We will be posting our X-Wing League soon, for everyone to practice for the upcoming March tournament, where we will give out the contents of the Game Night Kits to those that participate.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Warhammer & WH40K DAEMONS

From the Warp, they bring Chaos and destruction.

Now taking pre-orders for March Releases: Daemons Codex, Army Book, Magic Cards (limited), Psychic Power Cards (limited), Burning Chariot of Tzeench, Plague Drones of Nurgle, Blood Throne of Khorne, Herald of Slaanesh.
Great News!

X-Wing Wave 2 ships now scheduled to ship to distributors on 2/26. So, we should finally be seeing these a week or so after that.

Still no word on the Game Night Kits, however.

Don't miss the first Paladin X-Wing Tournament on March 23 - sign up at our online calendar to reserve your spot (limit 12).

Monday, February 11, 2013

DnD Encounters - Against the Cult of Chaos - Week 1

Greetings Dungeoneers,

     This season had our players introduced to DnDNext mechanics, which seem to be going over well. The extra dice makes the game more random and the simplified check system based on ability scores makes for simpler game play. Combat also seems faster, so that's a nice improvement. From a DM point of view, the sandbox style of play for the town of Hommel Lane really allows me to keep the game flowing with what the players want to do.

     DnDNext Playtest
     Encounters Sign-Up

  • +Unika Cole as UnikaChar the Halfling Rogue
  • +Sean Hale as Bob the Human Cleric
  • Justin Nichols as Dorrin the Dwarf Fighter
  • +Josh W as Sigfried the Human Fighter
  • Adam Nelson as Rodrik the Human Fighter
  • Adam Thompson as Richard the Elf Wizard
     Our adventurers escort a paladin to a Hommel Lane, but are delayed when the paladin is possessed. Upon making it to town, half the party parties while the other half take the captured and possessed paladin to a temple to be purified. At the temple, they learn of a missing person last seen at nearby inn, while the others at the tavern learn of another missing person near some local caves. Meeting at the inn, our parties continue to follow up on some leads.

     And now for a full recap of this week's adventure The Village of Hommel Lane.