Monday, February 11, 2013

DnD Encounters - Against the Cult of Chaos - Week 1

Greetings Dungeoneers,

     This season had our players introduced to DnDNext mechanics, which seem to be going over well. The extra dice makes the game more random and the simplified check system based on ability scores makes for simpler game play. Combat also seems faster, so that's a nice improvement. From a DM point of view, the sandbox style of play for the town of Hommel Lane really allows me to keep the game flowing with what the players want to do.

     DnDNext Playtest
     Encounters Sign-Up

  • +Unika Cole as UnikaChar the Halfling Rogue
  • +Sean Hale as Bob the Human Cleric
  • Justin Nichols as Dorrin the Dwarf Fighter
  • +Josh W as Sigfried the Human Fighter
  • Adam Nelson as Rodrik the Human Fighter
  • Adam Thompson as Richard the Elf Wizard
     Our adventurers escort a paladin to a Hommel Lane, but are delayed when the paladin is possessed. Upon making it to town, half the party parties while the other half take the captured and possessed paladin to a temple to be purified. At the temple, they learn of a missing person last seen at nearby inn, while the others at the tavern learn of another missing person near some local caves. Meeting at the inn, our parties continue to follow up on some leads.

     And now for a full recap of this week's adventure The Village of Hommel Lane.

  • Our adventurers start by escorting a paladin of the Lawbringer (Sir Moonbrook) on his pilgrimage to battle a great evil in Hommel Lane.
  • While traveling, they introduce themselves to each other and we learn that Sigfried and Dorrin know each other, while everyone else seems to just be here for an easy job.
  • On a break by a bridge near Hommel Lane, the Sir Moonbrook steps into a pond to collect some water and is overtaken by a malevolent being. Quickly dominating the minds of his squires, the paladin attacks our party before we can react.
  • Rodrik and Bob respond by knocking out a squire, while UnikaChar and Richard use ranged attacks against the Sir Moonbrook. After a few rounds of exchanging attacks in which the possessed enemies attack the other two NPCs with the group, Richard is knocked out while Bob uses his ability to Channel Positive Energy and causes one of the remaining corrupted squires to flee. Bob casts Cure Light wounds to stabilize Richard, while the remaining players pummel Sir Moonbrook into submission. Once down, the quires are released from their possesion and Rodrik and Sigfried use their skills in Use Rope to bind the possessed Sir Moonbrook.
  • Once awake, Bob questions Sir Moonbrook and learns very little other than that they are just seeing a small portion of the evil's might. Sir Moonbrook overpowers the evil force within him momentarily and asks the party to bring him to the Temple of the Lawbringer in Hommel Lane as well as mentioning that he'll continue to struggle against the evil force with all his might. Bob offers to ease Sir Moonbrook's burden by taking on some of the evil force.
  • Arriving in Hommel Lane, the two NPCs (Wyndell and Carjo) offer their thanks for the heroes saving their lives and requests that they swing by each of their houses for a greater show of thanks. Meanwhile, the squires are still very nervous from the events and return to their hometown to recover.
  • Rodrik, Bob, and UnikaChar escort Sir Moonbrook to the Temple of the Lawbringer. At the same time, Richard, Sigfried, and Dorrin inquire about where the local tavern (Slumbering Serpent Tavern) is and then head there and Richard sends his Owl Familiar to keep an eye on the other half of the party.
  • At the Temple of the Lawbringer, our party learns that Sir Moonbrook is beyond the help of the priestess Devi, however a greater priestess, Canoness Yeeday, could be of greater help. They learn that Canoness Yeeday has been missing for the past few days. Further inspection reveals that Devi is holding back information but is honest that Canoness Yeeday was last seen near the Golden Grain Inn. The party heads over there while Richard's Owl Familiar sends him an update.
  • At the Slumbering Serpent Tavern, Richard, Sigfried, and Dorrin order drinks. The bartender asks them for news from the outside world and they brag about defeating four corrupted paladins earlier in the day. When pressed for details, the Bluff their way through the story and make themselves sound like even greater heroes. A local named Elmo Druet is interested in their story. Over  a few rounds of drinks, Elmo Druet reveals that his brother (Otis Druet) went missing a few weeks ago while investigating the nearby Caves of Chaos. After learning the Caves of Chaos contained treasure and hearing from Richard's Owl Familiar that the rest of the party was heading to the Golden Grain Inn, they leave to meet up.
  • Bob, Rodrik, and UnikaChar make it to the Golden Grain Inn and order some drinks and food. Word of the great deeds of Richard, Dorrin  and Sigfried have already spread to the farmers and others staying at the inn. UnikaChar realizes the lies that were told and is annoyed that she was left out of the town's adolations. As the rest of the party arrives, the townsfolk burst into cheers. UnikaChar used the distraction to pick the pockets of the townsfolk [and probably collapsed the local economy in the process]. Meanwhile, the inn keeper (Bertram Beswill) continues to keep Bob and Rodrik's drinks full. Bob and Rodrik Bluff that they are drinking them and spill most on the floor. After a few more rounds, Rodrik asks Bertram Beswill about Canoness Yeeday's disappearance. After pushing, Bertram Beswill invites Bob and Rodrik to a backroom to talk. Again, Bob and Rodrik Bluff to pretend that they are drunk. UnikaChar notices Bob and Rodrik being led off by Bertram Beswill.
  • And that's where this week's adventure ends.


  1. Is this similar to pathfinder? I just called the store and they told me to come in Sunday at 1. Never played before but would love to check this out. Only played" legend of drizzt"