Monday, April 1, 2013

DnD Weekly Adventure

Greetings Dungeoneers,

   Today our gaming group tried something new, no premade adventure, just the basic idea of an orc chef wanting rare ingredients. Pretty much every part of this adventure was made up on the spot, with collaborative feedback from the players. We also made characters that were deliberately broken or nonsensical.

The Characters:
  • Justin Nichols as a Pixie Paladin, named Super Ego that wanted everyone to do good.
  • +Josh W as a Pixie Blackguard, named Id, (and twin brother to Super Ego) that wanted everyone to do evil deeds.
  • +Sean Hale as a Changeling Hybrid Assassin (Dragon Magazine) / Vampire, also a manifestation of a sun god (leading to humorous events of setting on fire when using sun god powers).
  • +Unika Cole as a Warforged Monk, built like a Gundam.
  • David as a Satyr Bard with erectile dysfunction leading to him only singing sad songs.
  • +Adam Nelson as and a Dragonborn Warlord, our straight-man for the group, constantly berated by the pixies.
The Adventure:
   The characters, following rumors of a job, head to a fancy tavern in town and see an orc in a chef's hat berating his second in command. Speaking with the chef (Orcdon Ramsey), they learn that he is looking for rare ingredients to make the greatest dish of his life. The first ingredient is a unicorn's horn. Justin was lied to and told the horn was for saving orphans as his good nature would never allow such a base need as impressing dinner guests.
   Traveling to a natural grove a day's journey from town, they come upon a unicorn preserve and a large gate. Adam, Justin, and David ask admittance and receive a magical stamp, while Josh pushed his way in and Unika and Sean snuck in. These stamps would prove important. Once inside, they track some hoof prints to a watering hole and watch overnight (Justin traveled off on his own, and Unika hid in the water). In the morning, the hoof prints turned out to belong to centaurs that did not take kindly to the visitors, especially those without stamps. A fight broke out but an intimidation check stopped matters before things got out of hand.
   Justin woke up in bird's nest and was fed worms. After thanking his bird-host, he quickly found a unicorn due to his good and innocent nature. Talking with the unicorn and leading him back to his friends. During the trip they discuss the unicorn's past and learn that its family was killed by poachers so he became a very violent hunter of poachers before deciding to create this preserve to save unicorns.
   Meeting up with the party, Justin introduces his friends to the unicorn and then went to gather breakfast (finding a ton of berries nearby). The party attacks the unicorn only to find that it is far more powerful than they expected as it takes out half the party health with a electric blast from it's horn (as well as those stamped are unable to attack the unicorn). Justin returns to stop the fight with diplomacy. As it wouldn't sacrifice it's own horn, it will offer them a trade of his father's horn in exchange for healing two dying unicorns.
   The party gathers near the dying unicorns and notice a couple rangers hiding in the trees guarding them. Justin takes them to a shack for privacy but forgets his gear outside, leaving his assistants (Unika and Adam) with the unicorns. Sean uses his shadow jumps to take out a ranger and kill the unicorns (pinning it on the dead ranger) and the assistants claim to have stopped the ranger. The main unicorn is told that the rangers are attacking and upon seeing the scene attacks the remaining rangers. In the distraction, Unika takes one of the horns and they flee the preserve. David is left behind.
   Returning to town, the party meets up with Orcdon Ramsey. Turns out the unicorn horn was to make a special spoon needed to make his dish. The next ingredient is a bunch of beholder eye stalks. The best way to find a beholder is to ask a wizard, so the party heads off to Smogwarts. David shows up in town and is arrested for creating a disturbance.
   At Smogwarts, Josh and Sean are mistaken as instructors and proceed to teach a class on Love Potions, while the remaining party members look for Headmaster Rumblerore. They learn that non-students cannot use school resources, but a wizard tournament is being held with the final challenge being a fight with a beholder. They agree to enter and collect Josh and Sean.
   The first challenge is a spelling bee (using mostly monster names) with various nature/arcana/history checks helping with filling in letters, with bluff/intimidate checks covering misspellings. The second challenge was trivia questions about Forgotten Realms, with similar rules to the first challenge. The final challenge was fighting the beholder, which was eventually defeated.
   With the eye stalks turned into Orcdon Ramsey, they team learn that they are merely tools for preparing dishes (ice to cool, fire to cook, disintegrate to clean dishes). The party is rewarded and we ended before learning what the next ingredient would be.


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