Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DnD Encounters - Council of Spiders Week 4

Greetings all!

On the third week, our party was split due to a cave in and only half the party was able to catch up to the traitorous Drow (isn't that a redundant statement?), and with some effort managed to subdue her.

Last week, our party moved on with a new quest from the mysterious heads of their households. Having learned the whereabouts of the missing head of House Xorlarrin, our team struck offensively at this hidden household of mages. Belgos (spelling?) managed to put most of the mages to sleep, and while everyone else fought them valiantly Callie's acrobatic display with the tapestries impressively ended the fight.

This upcoming Saturday will have Taylor temporarily taking over for me as DM while I try out a character. I'll be playing a Drow Bard named Brezn'r who gave up her training as a priestess after an incident cost her dearly. More on her character as it develops, but be warned; she is devious - even for a Drow.

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