Friday, September 28, 2012

DnD Encounters Update

Hey fellow dungeon crawlers,

With the large Magic event in the store on Saturday, we won't have space to play and I am postponing Encounters for a week. That leaves us with some options:

  • Skip this session and I'll cover what happened in the story when we meet the following week.
  • Play two sessions next week.
  • Fall behind a week.
Let me know what players are wanting. And send me an email with your contact information and character stats, as I think that is a better way to alert cancellations.

As for last week's recap: we found Hothgar captive under a mysterious assassin. Half the team cowardly fled the fight once a poison cloud broke free, and the other half eventually died while outnumbered. So, a perfectly legitimate strategy for a team of drows.

1 comment:

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