Monday, December 3, 2012

DnD Encounters - War of Everlasting Darkness - Week 2

Greetings Dungeoneers,

     This week we had three new players (Justin, Shawn, and Josh) [don't forget to sign-up on the calendar so I can get you updates] join in and complete the first session of War of Everlasting Darkness. Justin rolled a Dragonborn Sorceror, Shawn a Human Fighter, and Josh a Tiefling Warlock. Their might combined to see their way through quite an adventure.

    We are moving the adventuring time to Sundays (1300-1500) from now on to better fit the schedules of the players and the store. And we'll be playing straight through until the start up of the next season, Against the Cult of Chaos. For which I'll have some documentation on the new character creation and rules used in DnDNext for us all to play with.

   And now for a recap of this week's adventure:

  • Entering a tavern in the town of Quaervarr, our party overheard tales of a phantom while enjoying some mead (courtesy of Justin).
  • After waiting until nightfall, the party followed the ghostly apparition into the woods and stumbled upon a clandestine meeting between two orcs (Ripped Gut tribe and Red Fangs tribe) and a drow talking of an upcoming attack on the town of Winter Edge after a ominous event called the "Darkening".
  • While helping the town of Winter Edge was desired, the party continued after the phantom as they had best complete one task before starting another.
  • A short while later, the team was set upon by a lone (luckily) Stirge which gorged itself on Justin until Josh's eldritch magic knocked it off so that Justin could burn destroy it with his arcane acid.
  • Catching up with the phantom outside some ruins, our party met up with a quartet of treasure seekers and some quick negotiations lead to a fair splitting of gold and a fight avoided.
  • Inside the ruins, Josh collected some Spear Gauntlet traps and Justin collected Tears of Helm [which I need to get them the stats for].
  • Shawn pulled his weight by opening some stubborn doors swollen with age.
  • Finding a statue of Helm revealed some history of our phantom stranger and this disused garrison of paladins the party found themselves in.
  • A mysterious pool was found and two of our party cast their gaze into it, only to be reminded of past failures. Justin overcame his dishonor for stealing from his family, while Shawn lost some resolve at being unable to come to terms with some horrors he inflicted in a past war.
  • The team gathered in the final room to defeat the riddles of an Imp, and release the phantom paladin from his curse.
  • Lastly, the party escaped the confines of the ruins as dark threads rocked the earth as they shot into the sky, blocking the stars and moon from view. The land for as far as they could see had been cast into darkness.
   All in all, an exciting adventure for all. I really enjoyed the Three Pillars Wizards has started to use in their adventures. I'm expecting good things as Dungeons and Dragons transitions over to 5th edition.


  1. Is it okay to see how this game is played? Sounds like fun.

    1. Absolutely. DnD can definitely be a spectator game. Swing by on Sundays when we play, and if you want I can help you make a character so you can join in.

  2. How much time has passed between the Spellplague and the events in this adventure?

    1. This adventure occurs during 1484-1485, so exactly 100 years since the Spellplague occured (1385).