Friday, December 14, 2012

DnD Encounters - War of Everlasting Darkness - Week 3

Greetings Dungeoneers,

     Like last week, we had three new players (Justin, Myron, and Jeremy) join the adventuring party. Justin rolled a Dwarf Artificer, Myron an Elf Ranger, and Jeremy a[nother] Dragonborn Warlord.

   This week, we'll be continuing our adventure on Friday (2012.12.14) at the regular time of 1300-1500, with the following week moved to TBA date and time, and returning to the regular schedule after that.

   And now for a recap of this week's adventure:

  • Meeting in the woods while heading to Winter Edge for different reasons (last week's party wanted to warn the townsfolk of the impending orc attack, the new members searching for answers to the recent Darkening), the two parties joined forces. We quickly learned that Justin's Dwarf Artificer is deathly afraid of the dark.
  • Upon meeting the defacto mayor of Winter Edge (Goody Winn) and finding the populace in panic at the approaching horns of the or raiders, Justin quickly uses Diplomacy to calm everyone.
  • Goody Winn convinces the team to find the King Obould (orc king) and to take a half-orc villager (Rhupp) with royal blood with them on this Quest.
  • Shawn receives a gift from a villager: a small doll blessed by a mysterious gnome.
  • As the villagers load their final wagon, a group of five Orc Savages brings through the edge of the woods, but are quickly put down with a mix of arcane and martial attacks.
  • Several days later, our team reaches the fort of King Obould only to have Rhupp struck down by archers eager for battle. Jeremy heals Rhupp while everyone else surrenders to the overwhelming orc forces.
  • Once granted an audience with King Obould, our party makes their case for the orcs to cease their attacks. Playing on the honor of the orcs, Shawn addresses them in their native Giant. Rhupp speaks of the honor the party possesses thanks to Jeremy's healing. Justin uses diplomacy to reason that the attacks are detrimental to the prosperous peace both sides have enjoyed. A failed attempt by Justin2 to flatter the king raises hostilities.
  • The party learns via Insight that King Obould is not a fan of the attacks, but must play along with the desires of his people. To this end, Shawn challenges the orcs to a one-on-one fight.
  • With his gear returned, Shawn is lowered into a battle pit to fight a half-blind Guard Drake guided by his handler. Justin2 and Myron use their knowledge of Nature to trick the beast into leaving its guard down. Shawn battles the Guard Drake and quickly blinds it completely. Jeremy shouts commands to Shawn that allows Shawn to attack twice a round and quickly finish the beast.
  • With the orcs' blood lust sated, our party is treated with respect (though only grudgingly by a few less progressive tribes) and have there gear returned.
  • Later that night our party has a visitor in their quarters who has a dire warning that enemies in the fort want the party dead. However, King Obould will honor the bloodmatch and not go to war with the other races, but some tribes are still planning an attack on the dwarven Mithral Halls.
  • Using the provided cloaks, our party makes their way to safety. Myron and Justin2 take the coward's way out and leave via the refuge chute. Jeremy Bluffs his way past some guards. Josh Sneaks out undetected through the lower passageways. Shawn and Justin run into some trouble, but with some luck manage to get out without raising too much suspicion.
  • Free from the orcs, our party must make haste to protect the Mithral Halls.


  1. I did not go down the refuge chute! I snuck out the front door.

    Also, since it is already past 1 oclock I guess you already figured out that I wont make it today. I dont get home from work until 6pm.


  2. Oh, did we meet on Friday? Woops, I'll be there on the 27th.