Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DnD Encounters - Against the Cult of Chaos - Week 0

Greetings Dungeoneers,

     This season has some throwbacks to some older adventures: The Keep on the Borderlands, Village of Hommlet, and Against the Cult of the Reptile God, and a little bit of the Rod of Seven Parts. As such, some elements may be similar to classic players of DnD. For the newer players, it's important to know that this adventure is far more open-ended in how you explore things. No more tracks on where to go, it's up to you to decide what you do.
     The last important thing to know is that we will be playing with the beta rules for DnDNext. The rules for DnDNext are similar enough to previous editions of DnD that no one should have too much trouble picking it up. It's less cookie-cutter than 4th, and more balanced than 3.5.
     Sign-up for the event HERE. We'll be starting Sunday (2013.02.10) at 1300.

      To make learning the rules for DnDNext faster, you can download the playtest at the following link:
DnDNExt Playtest
     When you get the packet, start reading the following files:
  • 012813 How to Play.pdf
  • 012813 Creating a Character.pdf
     You can use one of the pregenerated characters, on a first-come first-served basis.
     If you decide to make your own character, read through the races and classes available in DnDNext. It may seem limited, but more are on their way and you can make a new character if they come out before this season is over. I will also help you make a character on the first day.
     Please avoid reading any of the Adventure files as it will take away from the enjoyment of exploring an unknown world.
     In this adventure, characters can choose to align with the Old Faith or the Lawbringer. Doing so will greatly affect how NPCs react to your character. The Old Faith represents a natural view of the world, and is far more primal. The Lawbringer represents the encroachment of civilization and technology.