Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DnD Encounters - War of Everlasting Darkness - Week 4

Greetings Dungeoneers,

     This was a make up session on Friday (2012.12.28), as we all got back together from the various Yuletide events we scattered for. We met three new players Shane (Shifter Druid named Shifty Pickles), Ben (Dwarf Paladin/Fighter?) and Alex (Eladrin Wizard) who helped fill in for some missing players.

     We discussed an adventure that I am making to fill in the gap between Encounter seasons and it was revealed to involve time-travel mechanics that I'm working on. More information about this will be revealed in the coming weeks.

   And now for a recap of this week's adventure, the Siege of Mithral Hall:

  • Our party met a Druid in the woods who was looking to undo the unnatural darkness the world was under. They also met two seasoned veterans looking to help end the siege on Mithral Hall. Together, this large group traveled for months until they reached the storied home of the dwarfs.
  • Knowing that they needed to warn the king of the reinforcements of orcs no longer loyal to King Obould, led by the dark and treacherous drow, our party fins themselves trapped as an orc army holds Mithral Hall under siege.
  • Noticing a large Horn used to command the troops, Alex recognizes the patterns needed to play a most devious trick on the orcs to free up entrance to a side entrance into Mithral Hall.
  • After a brief fight to clear the horn of its guards in which Ben and Justin succeed in taking care of the drow while Shane and +Josh W wipe out the weaker orcs, Alex sends a message that the Ripped Gut tribe was gaining a promotion which caused a fight to break out between the Ripped Gut and Red Fang tribes, known to be mortal enemies barely able to work together.
  • As a last action before reinforcements from a neighboring command tent can arrive, Shane uses his Flame Seed to set the horn on fire to prevent any further commands to be given.
  • Noticing the now empty command tent, Shane and Justin lead the party to see what can be found within it. Sadly, a lone orc managed to spot their entrance and called out for help.
  • With little time, our party quickly grabs what they can see: some of the battle plans, a note in elvish, and two Amulets of Lolth. With their loot in hand, our party darts into the woods to lose their pursuers.
  • Pouring over their stolen goods, they find that the battle plans reveal that the orc army is only meant to keep the dwarfs busy and unable to assist the other people of the Silvery Marsh. Additionally, the plans reveal some side entrances and possible locations of secret entrances.
  • Alex reads the elven message and reveals to the party that the leader of this force is not pleased with his second in command (Szodrin Xorlarrin), an irresponsible and spoiled member of an influencial drow house that has abandoned his post to assassinate the king of Mithral Hall.
  • Shane and Justin are pleased to find that he amulets they stole grant them an increased resistance to poison.
  • With the orcs fighting each other, our party finds an unpatrolled side entrance and make their way into the mountain. After the better part of an hour, our team finds themselves before a statue that speaks to them, requiring a solution to a riddle before allowing them entrance.
  • Having to find which weapon and gem goes with which statue, Justin creates a logic table and correctly solves the riddle on the first try, with suggestions from his teammates. His quick wits will aid him in future negotiations with the king.
  • Once past, our team finds themselves right behind Szodrin and an brutish orc (Frouth) that he brought for backup. Frouth surprises our party with his savage attacks and charges, but together +Jeremy Boggs and Ben manage to hold their own against him and bring him down. Meanwhile, Szodrin gains the upper hand as he uses invisibility potions and his racial Cloud of Darkness to sneak about our less defense-savvy members trying to garrote them and pull them into the shadows. As Szordrin is finally defeated, he shouts a warning to our party that nothing they do can prevent Lolth from getting what she wants.
  • With both threats eliminated, Justin finds a garrote on Szordrin's body and pockets it for later use. Immediately afterwards a contingent of drawf guards burst into the room and, after asking what happened, they escort our team to finally meet with King Connerad Brawnanvil Battlehammer.
  • While initially impatient with our party, the king thanks them for stopping his assassin and bringing the battle plans. With these two things done, he is hopeful that the dwarfs of Mithral Hall can push back the orcs.
  • As they leave the king's presence, a servant brings them a letter that leaves the party even more confused. It seems a dwarf named Axelcrantz had been expecting our party but was unable to meet up with them in Quaervarr in time due to drow interference. He pleads that our party make haste to find him in Citadel Adbar, so he could tell us more about the mysterious Wand of Tir'Lien.

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