Sunday, January 20, 2013

DnD Encounters - War of Everlasting Darkness - Week 7

Greetings Dungeoneers,

     We will finish this season of Encounters on Sunday, and finally see if all of our trials have made us strong enough to stop the Darkening. It will have the most difficult fight of the season, and not everyone is expected to survive so we need as many people as possible for the final act.

     I'm trying a couple new things with this edition and hopefully they will make things easier to follow. Namely I am adding a cast section and a summary.

  • +Unika Cole as Khia-le the Monk/Halfling
  • +Sean Hale as Rock the Psion/Shardmind
  • NewGuy as a Cleric/Deva [he never filled out the sign up sheet]
     Our adventurers saved the Blingdenstone harbor from some ice demons, talked with a Dragon Turtle, and helped a bladesmith finish his greatest work. They also learned where the source of the Darkening resides.

     And now for a full recap of this week's adventure Shores of the Darklake.

Shores of the Darklake
  • Axelcrantz pulled a Princess Leia and appeared as a hologram to give our party their next mission, to restore trade between Gracklstugh and the surface world, via Blingdenstone.
  • After collecting some Gold Dust needed for Gemen (a master bladesmith in Gracklstugh), our party set off for Blingdenstone.
  • Upon arriving the group tracked down the harbormaster, a Svirfneblin named Ginnertow at a brothel/pub. They learned that an unseasonable frost has frozen the harbor and trapped the boats. Additionally, no adventurer sent to solve the problem as returned.
  • Traveling up the river, our party finds the frozen corpses of the previous adventurers (and +Unika Cole found their gear).
  • As they approach the corpsicles, two Fimbrul Devils [from Neverwinter of all places] appear and attack.
  • During the fight +Unika Cole skated around the Fimbrul Devils and avoided most of their frost attacks. +Sean Hale hung back and teleported them from the ice and on to land to prevent them from using some tricky devil powers. NewGuy used his cleric powers to cast one Fimbrul Devil back to where it came, with +Unika Cole helping a great deal in getting it's health down. +Sean Hale managed to knock the Fimbrul Devil out for later questioning.
  • Once the Fimbrul Devil recovered, +Sean Hale telepathically intimidated it with the promise of turning it over to the Svirfneblin for torture. It quickly revealed that both Fimbrul Devils were summoned by priestesses of Lolth to wreck havoc in the area. With no further information needed, the sent the Fimbrul Devil back to its hell dimension.
  • With the devils both gone, the ice started to break and our party returned to Blingdenstone where they were hailed as heroes, especially by the very affectionate harbormaster.
  • Setting sail with a crazed Svirfneblin named Daft Tooger, our heroes were on their way to Gracklstugh. On the trip they learned that Daft Tooger wasn't always so crazy, he had recently lost his mind a bit after touching a portion of the Demonweb in the Spellcaves of Eryndlyn [part of the Darkening].
  • Suddenly, the boat is knocked over throwing +Sean Hale, NewGuy, and Daft Tooger into the water while +Unika Cole nimbly stays aboard. +Sean Hale and Daft Tooger safely make it aboard while NewGuy struggles for a bit. Out of the water rises a gigantic Dragon Turtle that threatens to boil them alive if they don't return her eggs. +Sean Hale diplomatically calms the Dragon Turtle while the party quickly points out that they have not taken her eggs and that it was likely the Drow. The Dragon Turtle is convinced and lets them go once they promise to return and help her find the missing eggs.
  • Arriving in Gracklstugh, the party seeks out the bladesmith. Upon finding him, they learn that Axelcrantz never warned him of their approach so he was unprepared to help them.
  • Taking the party aside, Gemen [bladesmith] tells them that he can be ready, but his apprentices ( a bunch of Derros) have been acting weird and preventing him from finishing his latest project. He reveals that the items [Whetstone, Moondrop Blooms, Gold Dust] brought by the adventurers (what they've been collecting for Axelcrantz) are the same items that the Derros had stolen to stop Gemen.
  • +Sean Hale scanned the minds of the Derros to learn that they are listening to commands from something much deeper in the Undercity.
  • Upon setting to work on his project with the new items, the Derros attack the party with a mental assault. Answering a series of riddles from the Derros only enraged them to attack, which they were swiftly dispatched with. As the final lay dying, it told the party where the commands were coming from: the abandoned city of Eryndlyn [where Daft Tooger lost his mind].
  • With out any interruptions, the party set to work helping Gemen finish his project. +Unika Cole helped man the bellows and sharpening the final blade with the Whetstone. NewGuy channeled arcane and divine energies into the blade. +Sean Hale applied the Moondrop Blooms and Gold Dust.
  • The work done, our party was granted another magical item, this one a powerful weapon that also possessed the ability to cast of the Darkness like several others they had found in their adventures.

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